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Zhejiang Dongyang Plastic Co., Ltd

Zhejiang Dongyang Plastic Co., Ltd. is located on the coast of the East China Sea in eastern China and in the middle of Zhejiang Province. Dongyang City has a history of more than 1800 years since its establishment, known as "singing mountain and painting water". With developed culture and education and outstanding people, it is known as "the hometown of education, the hometown of Arts and crafts, the hometown of architecture, the hometown of 100 workers and the hometown of Chinese Dinosaurs". It is one of the birthplaces of outstanding talents integrating "100 doctors in one city and 1000 professors in the same hometown".

Founded in 1968, the company is one of the first batch of factories in the city. It was established in cooperation with more than a dozen craftsmen with various traditional crafts and skills. After wind and rain, waves and twists, it has a history of more than 50 years and is still listed as a large-scale entity enterprise in Dongyang City. Covering an area of more than 75 mu, it has three major products and three manufacturing bases, with fixed assets of 200 million yuan. It has won numerous honors and certificates at the national, provincial and municipal levels, 2 invention patents, 9 utility model patents and 2 software copyrights; It is only 10 minutes away from the famous "Oriental Hollywood" - Hengdian, China.

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Product world:

Cold Drink Cup Series

Cold drink cup, assured PET material, high transparent cup wall, thick and tough, anti-leakage, smooth and flat cup mouth, no curling, no burr protrusion, comfortable touch when drinking, thick bottom of the cup, not easy to tilt, quality Assure.


Sauce Cup Series

Rest assured PET material, high transparent cup wall, thick toughness, anti-leakage, smooth and flat cup mouth, no crimping, no burr protrusion, comfortable touch, thick bottom of the cup, not easy to tilt, quality is guaranteed.


Ice cream Series

Food-grade material, healthy and environmentally friendly, good transparency, good thickening and toughness, the cup is carefully polished by the mold, round and smooth, without burrs and protrusions, and the bottom of the cup has a concave-convex design, which is stable and not easy to tilt.


Cooked Food Cup Series

Variety of choices, storage of multiple specifications, assured PET material, odorless, high transparency, thick and textured cup without cup holder, round and stylish appearance, stylish and beautiful, good hardness and toughness.


Packing box series

PET material, healthy and environmentally friendly, thick and stiff, not easy to break, bayonet design, the seal is not easy to loose, does not slip off, easy to carry, no matter where you go, it is tightly sealed, and has a variety of specifications.


PP series

Healthy and environmentally friendly PP material, suitable for hot and cold, a variety of specifications, 23~555mL capacity, to meet different needs, thick and stiff, not easy to break.


PET cover

Food contact grade PET material, thicker and more transparent, flat cover, arch cover are available, cold drink milk tea cup, fruit and vegetable cup, etc. can be used together, suitable for a wide range of scenarios.


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Address: No. 15, Changsong Road, changsonggang functional zone, Dongyang              Economic Development Zone, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province


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Address:Room 310, Zhiyuan Building, No. 768 Xietu Road, Shanghai